Recipe for Chirashi Sushi

Chirashi in Japanese means "to scatter." Chirashizushi is a style of sushi where instead of molding the individual ingredients, a bed of sushi rice is laid in a bowl and neta is artistically arranged on top. There's really no limit to what you may use to dress the rice. Here's one version.

simmered dried shiitake mushrooms
refresh shiitake in water and simmer in one part dashi, one-half part dark soy sauce, one-half part mirin, and a dash of sake
cooked prawns
sashimi grade squid
sashimi grade tuna
sashimi grade sea bass
julienne parboiled carrots
julienne daikon
parboiled snow peas or snap peas
julienne egg
beat eggs and cook crepe-thin sheets in non-stick pan, cool and roll-up to make it easier to julienne
pickled ginger (gari)
parboiled trefoil (mitsuba) stems

1) Prepare shari and mix with thinly sliced shiitake. Make a bed of this mushroomed rice in individual bowls.
2) Scatter julienne egg on top of each portion of rice.
3) Prepare neta appropriately, e.g. cut fish into fingers and arrange on top of egg.
4) Garnish with wasabi, ginger and mitsuba.
5) Present at room temperature--shari (sushi rice) should never be refrigerated. Serve with soy sauce for dipping on the side.




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Recipe for Chirashi Sushi


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