General Method for Cooking Rice for Sushi

Electric and gas rice cookers are available universally and are definitely the most reliable method for getting good consistent results. If you are used to cooking rice in your cooker, follow your usual method but reduce the amount of water by about 10%.

1. Measure the rice. 100cc of rice per person will be plenty when making sushi.
2. Wash the rice. The Japanese word for rice washing is togu. In meaning, it's closer to polishing than washing. First, cover the rice with an ample amount water, which will turn cloudy right immediately. Drain it right away. Next, with an open palm, rub the rice while it down against the bottom of the bowl. Agitate and force the grains of rice against each other. Add more water and discard again. Repeat this process several times until the water runs almost clear.
3. Soak the rice. Cover with water and let the rice soak for 10-15 minutes.
4. Drain the rice. Drain the washed rice into a sieve or colander fine enough to catch all of the grains. Let the rice stand for 5 minutes or until completely dry.
5. Add water. Place the rice in the cooker and add water. The standard ratio for Japanese white rice is 1:1. For sushi rice, reduce the amount of water by 10%.
6. Cook the rice. Replace the lid and press the button, the rice will cook itself.
7. Wait. This step is critical. When the electric cooker clicks off, remove the lid, stir once and replace the lid for at least ten minutes.
8. Add the sushi-zu. See the shari method below.

General Method for Cooking Rice for Sushi

Recipe for sushi zu

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