Fresh tuna bits from the end of the fillet don't look good enough for nigirizushi. Put them to good use in this simple roll.

toasted nori
ends and bits of tuna

1) Cut the tuna pieces into strips that are conducive to placing in the sushi roll.
2) On the makisu, place the nori shiny side down. Some cooks put a piece of Saran Wrap between the makisu and nori to make clean up easier.
3) Spread shari on the nori, leaving open a 2-cm strip at the top so you can seal the roll while wrapping it.
4) Wipe a light layer of wasabi along the bottom third of the shari where you will arrange the tuna strips
5) Arrange tuna and, using the makisu to shape the roll, start rolling from the side closest to you.
8) Slice the roll in half, then slice each half in half again.
6) Serve with soy sauce.




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