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Cookware Japanese Knives
Most people who have once owned a handmade Japanese knife would never consider owning any other. It's easy to see why.

Food Katsuobushi
A fundamental element of Japanese cooking, katsuobushi is usually purchased pre-shaven even in Japan. But is pre-shaven good enough?

Food Sushi :
The Basics

All you need to know to talk about sushi, prepare it and enjoy it.

Food Sushi :

You may know general method for cooking rice for sushi.

Food Sushi :
Sushi Zu(vinegar)

You may know general method for cooking vinegar for sushi.

Food Sushi :

You may know general method and recipe for shari.

Food Sushi :
Classic Recipes

Learn the true way to make rolls, nigiri and chirashi. It's easier than you think.

Food Sushi :

Learn the true way to make cucumber rolls.

Food Sushi :

Learn the true way to make tuna rolls.

Food Sushi :

Learn the true way to make welsh onion and fatty tuna rolls.

Food Sushi :
Classic Nigiri Recipe

Learn the true way to make sushi pocket.

Food Sushi :
Chirashi Sushi

Learn the true way to make Chirashi zushi.

Food Tempura :
The Basics

Can you make great tempura at home? Sure you can. Here are the necessary recipes and a list of terms.

Food Tempura :
Tempura Batter

Learn the true way to make Tempura Batter.

Food Tempura :
Dipping Sauce

Learn the true way to make Dipping Sauce.

Food Tempura :
Classic Tempura Combinations

Learn the true way to make Classic Tempura Combinations.

Food Dashi
You can't cook Japanese food without dashi, or Japanese soup stock. This article tells you the basics and provides the classic recipe.

Food Mirin
It's like sake, but it's not for drinking. Learn the details about this essential ingredient in everything from Japanese broth to desserts.

Food Miso
You've probably tasted miso soup and you've likely heard it's very healthful, but what do you know about it? Read this article and you can call yourself an expert.

Beverage Sake:
Regional Distinction

Like wine, sake is affected by the chemistry of the soil, amount of rainfall, etc. and as a result, the flavor characteristics of sake vary by region. Learn the basic differences.

Beverage Sake and Mysticism
Sake plays an integral part in numerous Japanese religious and cultural rituals. Here's a sampling.

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