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cooking process

cooking process

Light, sweet and creamy, Zabaglione is a classic Italian dessert with numerous variations. Traditional zabaglione is made with just three ingredients: egg, sugar and marsala, a sweet Sicilian liquor. The key is beating the egg and sugar together until frothy. In my recipe I add apples, and I substitute apple cider for the marsala to enhance the taste of the fruit. Preparation is much easier if you use a handheld electric mixer to beat the eggs and sugar together. Keep beating until the custard turns fine and frothy.

cooking process

1 apple
Cinnamon powder
Brown sugar
1 egg yolk
2 teaspoons granulated sugar
70 - 80cc apple cider


process photo
process photo
Slice apples into comb shapes. Put butter and brown sugar in a frying pan and cook over medium heat.

process photo [2]
When the butter and brown sugar melts, add the sliced apples and brown on both sides. Remove from heat.

process photo [3]
Boil hot water in the bottom of a double boiler. Insert the top of the double boiler and add egg yolk, granulated sugar and apple cider. Beat the contents with a wire whisk or electric mixer until thick and white.
Tips The top of the double boiler will heat up quickly, so beat swiftly to prevent the egg yolk from hardening. If this is your first time to make zabaglione, I recommend periodically removing the top of the double boiler while beating the mixture.

process photo
process photo
Arrange the apples on individual ovenproof plates and pour the zabaglione over them. Cook in oven preheated to 390-degrees Fahrenheit for 4 -5 minutes until the surface turns brown.

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