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cooking process

cooking process

Pork and asparagus dishes are popular throughout Asia. No surprise there-the combination is delicious. In this dish, use the thickest asparagus you can find and pork with plenty of fat. This dish is surprisingly fast and simple to make-prepare it any time you need to add an extra dish to the table.

cooking process

8 thick spears of green asparagus
1 lb. thinly sliced boned rib pork slices

1 tablespoon or more of flour
80cc water

[Curry Salt]
1/2 teaspoon curry powder
1 tablespoon salt

Marche (lamb's lettuce)
Mixed salad greens

advance preparation

E Mix together curry powder and salt.
@ @

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Cut off the bottoms of the asparagus and peel the skin from the hard part of the stems. Wrap the pork around the asparagus obliquely.

process photo [2]
Dissolve flour in a bowl of water, then use the mixture to coat the pork-wrapped asparagus.
Tips The key to this dish is a light batter.

process photo [3]
Deep-fry the battered rolls in oil heated to approximately 360-degrees Fahrenheit. When the coating turns light brown, remove from oil.

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Arrange the rolls on a platter and sprinkle with curry salt. Garnish with marche and other salad greens of your choice.

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