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cooking process

cooking process

Halfbeak, a fish known for its elegant shape, is in season in early spring. In this dish that heralds spring's arrival, the halfbeak is marinated and served with a colorful fruit-filled dressing. Preparation is remarkably fast and easy. You can make the sauce while the fish marinates. Leave the fish to marinate in salt, pepper and oil for about 15 minutes so the dressing will adhere to the fish. If halfbeak isn't available, use sea bream or sole.

cooking process

8 halfbeaks
3 strawberries
4 cubes of grapefruit
1/2 cucumber
1/3 celery stalk

6 tablespoons oil
1.5 tablespoons champagne or white wine vinegar

Marche (lamb's lettuce)


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Fillet the fish (remove bones and entrails) and salt lightly. Leave to sit for 10 -20 minutes.

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Put a little vinegar in a bowl and wash the fish in it. Peel the skin from the fish, drizzle lightly with oil and leave the fish to marinate.

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Slice strawberries, grapefruit, cucumber and celery into 5-mm pieces.
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Mix fruit and vegetables together with [A] and season with salt and pepper.

Cut fish into small pieces and arrange on plate. Pour the fruit and dressing over it. Julienne a little celery and chicory and, along with the marche, arrange as a garnish on the plate.

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