Ceruleantower-Hotel Tokyu 2F

hours 11:30-14:00LO
regular holiday   -
estimated cost   Lunch course: 1500Yen, 2000Yen, 2500Yen, 3800Yen.
Dinner course: 7000Yen, 10000Yen, 15000Yen
appointment   possible
place   97places
card   any card
party   possible
wedding   possible

In Japan it's unusual to find the name of a Chinese restaurant presented in Roman letters rather than Chinese "kanji" characters. But perhaps this "romanizing" of Chef Chin's Szechwan illustrates his desire to put his personal imprint on traditional Chinese cooking. Seasonal foods served Szechwan style, abundant condiments and a free-form menu are sure to provide visitors with a novel dining experience. Moreover, Szechwan's red interior, modeled after a Chinese chili pepper, forewarns visitors as to the nature of stimulation they can expect.

Szechwan Restaurant Chen

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