Name Chef Description
Koyama A large and prominent cauldron of simmering rice leaves no doubt as to the key ingredient of basara's innovative Japanese menu.

KomeiI Ariake Nakamura Temping your palate will be a marriage of traditional Japanese cuisine and refreshing creativity.

Queen Alice
(main location)
Ishinabe Hidden away in a residential quarter of Nisi-Azabu is Chef Ishinabe's special brand of fine French cooking.

Vietnam Alice
Ishinabe Serving an impressive array of a la carte Vietnamese dishes Vietnam Alice is the latest addition to the "Alice" family.

La Rochelle
Sakai An artistic flair in the French cuisine, Chef Sakai calls his menu sensitive and seasonal.

Ristorante Massa
Kobe It's the perfect atmosphere for enjoying more than five types of handmade pasta.

Szechwan Restaurant
Chine Chef Chin's Szechwan illustrates his desire to put his personal imprint on traditional Chinese cooking.

Restaurant Kihachi Ginza
Kumagai "Free-style French" might sound like an oxymoron, but the phrase aptly describes the unique cuisine at Kihachi.


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